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Native Hive Sets $479.99

Beehold, The Native Hive Set! Like all of the Bee-Nails Hive Sets, this enail set is also 100% ready out of the box!

Recycler Hive Sets $359.99

Our Top of the line set with upgraded Honeycomb Percolating Recycling Bubbler.

Hive Sets $309.99

The hive set is the most valuable option, offering everything you could possibly need to start vaporizing.

Stinger Sets $234.99

The Stinger Set is the ideal choice for someone who already has a rig or bubbler and just needs a nail for enails.

Worker Bee-Nail $179.99

The Worker Bee-Nail is the ideal choice for the connoisseur that already has a rig and a nail for enails.

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