Why Bee-Nails?

Do you inhale harmful carcinogens every time you medicate? Do your friends and family think you’re a barbarian every time they see you use a torch to medicate? Are you ready to never buy butane again by getting yourself a revolutionary Bee-Nail? We don’t judge, but if you are a carcinogen inhaling torch barbarian, we can help you.

Health & Safety

Eliminate carcinogens from your medicating process entirely. Trash the torch and Bee healthier with:

  • Clean & green electric heating element
  • Carcinogen free vapor
  • Kevlar wrapped heating coil
  • Grade 2 Titanium

Speed & Innovation

Bee-Nails products are continuously being tested, redesigned, and improved. Our cutting edge models include:

  • Precise temperature setting with digital display
  • Rapidly heats to 700°F within two (2) minutes
  • 0°F - 999°F Heating Range
  • Fast Charge USB Capability functioning while on and off

Honey on Top

At Bee-Nails, you aren't just a customer, you're a part of our colony as soon as you land on our page. All members of the colony receive:

  • Free Shipping in Continental US for Enails and Sets
  • Offering Lifetime Warranty
  • Queen Bee Certified Customer Service
  • Direct Bee to Bee Service