A Cannabis Camping Guide

It’s getting close to that time of year where you get that unrelenting urge to get out of the house and get in the woods! Hell, sometimes I can’t even wait till spring. I have been known to go AWOL in the middle of winter just because I received a tent as a Christmas present! But either way it is getting close to the time to kick off your skis and throw on your pack! And for that reason I think it’s high time for the Bee-Nails crew to give you our first camp review!

Pack It Up

There is something about cannabis and camping that really go well together! I don’t know if it’s the fresh air or just the simple truth that we don’t get out and do it as much as we should, but whatever it is, it’s great! Some of my favorite parts are just getting the logistics and packing done. I love making sure I have a super light pack If we are backpacking. Or, plenty of ice and beer with just the perfect music if we are car/RV camping. Then you get to throw in a road trip to boot, sounds like heaven! One of the first things you need to decide on is what style camping you will be doing.

For backpacking: the idea is to go as lightweight as possible. Here’s my tip, if you aren’t going to use it three times don’t bring it! The downside to backpacking is that you will have to leave your e-nail at home, but there are easy ways to smoke concentrate on the trail. The best ways to smoke on the trail are either papers or small bowls (depending on how crazy you are about shaving weight) and I always bring some concentrate to add to the mix.

If you are stationary and can haul anything your vehicle can hold, you will be able to have many more luxuries. There’s not much to car camping so planning is essential. Finding the perfect secluded spot can be daunting and if you are in an RV you really have to search. On the upside, you can have a blender, stereo, e-nail, well you get the idea! They even make electronic inverters that will plug in to the cigarette lighter in your car, now you can power your household appliances from your car! Before you bring your e-nail make sure to check the inverters power rating.

Do’s and Don’ts

Growing up in a camping family I was raised knowing all camping rules. There are the things everyone knows or at least should know like; never leave trash at camp sights (or anywhere for that matter), don’t leave your waste out, don’t leave fires unattended… Etc. But there are also some other things to think about while on the trail. Some of us sometimes forget about our surroundings and will light up anywhere. Remember, there might be a family with kids right around the corner that don’t want to explain that to the kiddos for the rest of the day! Remember that even your state laws do not apply if you are in a National Park, even if you live in a legal state!

So think of others, be aware of your surroundings and you should have a great trip!


Everything set up, your fire is just right, now what? Usually, we are lucky enough to do nothing but have a couple drinks, talk and play a little music! However, there are many of us that need a little more to keep us happy and I have a few suggestions…

Geocaching is a fun activity that turns a leisurely day in the woods into a treasure hunt! Here’s how it works: You use a GPS to find pre-dropped caches, usually a waterproof container with anything from a toy to cash! They can be miles into the woods so, set up a base camp and start exploring!

Frisbee golf is another great activity. It can be as simple or as technical as you want it. It can be a bit pricey depending on how far you want to go with the gear. It’s an easy concept, so you can play on a course or just make one up. In the woods we have a pre-determined tree that is marked with a pack or bandana, then walk a desired distance and try and hit the tree, the least amount of throws wins! If you get really into it there are official rules on the web.

One of my favorites is Beerbee. This game is great because it’s a mix of a drinking game, horseshoes and Frisbee! It’s pretty simple you need two or more people, a favorite canned beverage and a frisbee. Every one walks an equal distance apart then you put your can on the ground. The object of the game is to take turns trying to knock the other persons drink over with the frisbee! Hitting someone’s drink gives you a point and the other person has to finish their drink! I think you have to reach 21 but I could be wrong. As a matter of fact I can’t remember ever finishing a single game… I wonder why?

All Good Things Must Come To An End

This is by far the worst part of the trip! You unzip the tent and in the early morning light you see it… the disaster area that you know for sure was your camp sight last night? Did a bomb go off? Did masked bandits raid last night and eat everything, drink all the beer and throw trash everywhere? Nope, that was you and you had a blast doing it! The only thing that I can tell you is to acquire all gear then check twice! Make sure every scrap of trash is disposed of properly, and put the fire out! After these steps are done and you are all packed up find the greasiest breakfast place you can find and maul it! Now, here is a Top Team Tip: When you get home don’t start unloading the gear, first run inside and turn your Bee-Nail on! Now when you are done putting everything away your Bee-Nail is ready and waiting for you

Cheers and happy camping,



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