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Blown Away! But not the good kind

Shipped me an item I was told would be cancelled and was told I would recieve a return label but Im not surprised it hasnt been sent as customer service cant be bothered to respond more than once a week but stealing money is cool too

Just a bad vibe overall after purchase

This easily could have been a 5 star rating had the customer service come through. So I got the original hive set for Christmas decided to get the standard quartz nail cause that's all I used before with the torch and by far my favorite, however my roommate had the trinity nail and he tried telling me before I even got it to just spend the 50 extra. Boy was he right, this quartz standard bowl is the most riggity p.o.s I've ever seen. Doesn't not even fit on the glass on glass connection part so it's wobble when sitting on my rig, that was strike 1. Strike 2 was the heating coil itself to set up on the standard quartz is so janky it literally has nothing to hold the heating coil on the quartz bowl besides a one inch piece of quartz that just looks broken to begin with. So not only am i not having a flush connection with the bowl but my heating coil constantly falls off the quartz bowl and sometimes while using the rig, only 700 degrees hot though so no big deal right? So i go out of my way purchase the trinity nail just to say screw it since I know it's a better fit from previous experience. However I guess when you get the trinity nail it doesn't come with a carb cap??? So now after ordering the trinity nail I call one of the owners "ross" and he tells me had I called earlier he would have tried to work something out and maybe throw me the cap for free since the problems with the actual build of my set was there fault. But of course my nail has already been shipped and he's not going to pay the money for materials and shipping... So I click on the dabber cap to see what shipping would be it's 5$... over 5 dollars you lose me wanting to recommend your product to any one I know and not only that but just gives your company a bad name in general. I did spend over 300$ with your company and over 70$ I shouldn't have had to simply based on a design flaw from your company. Your enails are amazing but you need to quit giving out janky accessories, everything should be tested to fit your product before leaving your warehouse and if not you should be more willing to do stuff for your customers. I understand you're a small company but to get bigger you need word of mouth from customers to other people and you won't get it with this customer serviceSuper disappointed in what could be so amazing...

worker bee set with free go bee

Really enjoying the worker bee set that I purchased, it has been working like a charm and I really like the lifetime warranty factor. also received a free go bee with my purchase because of the black Friday sale. the go bee worked great for about 5 days before the battery stopped working. now it just flashes red and doesn't heat up. It wouldn't have been a problem if i could purchase another battery but apparently bee nails doesn't even sell the battery by itself.....if you're looking for a new e-nail i would def. recommend bee nails, they are reliable and very easy to use with quick shipping as well. I would not recommend the go bee. great idea bad execution./finalproduct

by Karina on Blank Business Name
Great customer service

These people are great! Had a minor issue and they handled it very professional. Extremely happy with my purchase. Thank you bee nails .

New Quartz Domeless Nail - Crap

Bee-Nails you guys are 5 stars, this 1 star review is about the new Domless Quartz nail set. Could not find a place to review that item specifically. I bought a kit from here a long time ago and it was great and the Quartz Domeless Nail that came with the kit was awesome, loved it. Unfortunately that one broke and I needed to get a new one so I ordered one a month or so ago. I don't know why the design changed from the way they were to this new design, but the new design is complete and utter crap.The inside of the nail is not flat but slanted or rounded even so anything you put in goes down in this tiny little crevice and then over time gunk's up and its a bitch to clean out. I feel like what i'm getting out of whats going into the nail is so much less than it used to be with the other design.Should of bought the Trinity Nail set instead. Very disappointed. I love quartz so much more than titanium but this thing sucks.

by Andrew on Blank Business Name
With the quickness

Hey guys , I purchased a go bee vape at the indoor Expo in Oregon , had an issues with the heating element and it stopped working after a quick conversation and an email ,the new pen was on its was with 2 day shiping . and long behold its here and already in use ! thanks again for the quick responses and great service !Got a bee for life here.

by Natasha on Blank Business Name
Great Company!

I have been a customer of this company for about a year or so now. I have the Bee Nail set up and a couple of GoBee's. Their products have made smoking concentrates so easy for anybody, whether experienced or not. I have ordered various times using their website. This place is fast with delivery and absolutely takes care of their customers. Really great stuff!

5star product 5star service

five stars on everything the native alpine set I got is the best the bee nails are awesome and I would love to have a press you should pick up a bee nail looking forward to getting a go bee soon

by Tim Daw on Blank Business Name
Fantasic Product

I love my nail. Not my first rig but I don't see me ever needing another. It looks great and the double ceramic coils are wonderful. I rather like the metal mouthpiece too as you can't see all the goop inside!Customer service? First class. I completely recommend this company and their products.Brilliant.

by Taylor on Blank Business Name
Amazing customer service

I never had an enail before through doing research i found this company decided to order the hive set and was so pleased, a day or so after getting my hive set up it broke in half, the glass didn't fall, and was actually pretty puzzled at how it broke along with extremely sad because i love it and when i contacted customer service they were so understanding asked to to send of some pictures i wasn't expecting anything for free i just wanted to replace it, and to my surprise they were amazing a couple days later a new glass piece was on my front steps free of charge. they were so nice, and understanding abut the experience. Never mind the enail set i got is absolutely amazing works perfect, and the awesome customer service that came with it, i would recommend bee nail to everyone i know.


If there's a way to put into words the superiority of bee- nails e nails I would. I bought a portable vaporizer a while back and was always pleased with its performance. One of my good friends bought the Colorado native e nail and it worked better then some of the very expensive ones I've seen. Great products, better company.

Awesome Company, Superior Product

At first, I purchased the GoBee with low expectations. I've used a ton of these "on the go" products and they are seem to break easily and aren't made for heavy use (which I get- except that I travel so I only use on the go). When mine arrived, a replacement piece was actually already broken. I called the company and just a quick emailed picture later and the replacement was on its way! What easy customer service. Awesome start only to be followed up by my heavy use and still haven't had to use replacement parts yet! I love this thing! They stand behind their stuff and it lasts over time. Sincerely won over.

Best Decision Ever

Bought the Colorado Native E Nail bundle a few months back. I placed an order for some spare quartz dishes because the one I had broke while using it. Customer service called me to let me know that they were sending me my order however they included would be including a GoBee Portable Wax Vaporizer for my troubles. I couldn't believe it but I just went by my mailbox and what do you know. Ive got my replacement quartz and a brand new portable vape. So not only am I stoked about how well the Trinity nail works and how consistent the heating element is. The customer service these guys provide is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much BeeNails. Ive been singing your praise since I bought my colorado native package but after my experience with your customer service team. I will be force feeding bee nail to anyone interested in an e nail from this point forward.

by Mishel Adolph on Blank Business Name
GoBee/Customer Service

First off I love my GoBee. I had won one and killed and liked it so much that I bought a new one. I have 3others but the only one I use now is my GoBee.. Price is good and vaping was never smoothe!Customer service here is the best...truly...Great company happy to be part of the 🐝 Bee Colony....

by LOS Gardens on Blank Business Name
Awesome company, product, and service.

I love Ali and Ross at Bee Nails! They take care of me every time I walk into their HQ in FOCO (Fort Collins, CO). Seriously. I feel like we've been friends or family for years with the way I get treated. There are no short comings with these guys. If there is a problem within the Colony, they'll get it fixed asap. You know - real customer service. The products are unreal and work better than the "designer" (more like over-priced) E-nail sets and gear at a fraction of the cost. I've had my Original (Colorado Native Wrap) Colony member Quartz E-nail, controller box, and coil since March 2016 and the only problem I have experienced so far was a faulty power cord that has been abused through constant transport and folding. They replaced it on top of a hook up with a bunch of bee nails gear. Truly impressed and glad I went with them and I haven't looked back since. Pick up the phone and give them a call if you have any questions and order one already! Don't believe I'm real? Check out my Instagram @ LOS_Gardens and that'll prove my review. Thanks again Ross, Ali, and everyone else at the Bee Nails Colony HiveQuarters!

by Baileu on Blank Business Name
Amazing Product and Customer Service!

Damn, this thing hits like a champ! Had it for about a week now, & im loving it more everyday, everything about it says quality, looking forward to trying the other nails ;D

Amazing Product and Service

I just received the "Original Hive Set", and i have to say, it is absolutely amazing!!! The customer service, is beyond! i believe that i made a mistake, in an order, and instead of arguing with me, they explained to me what i must have done, and even though it was my mistake, they made sure to get the piece out to me right away! I havnt seen customer service like this since i was a kid back in the 70's, 80's! Just blew my mind!!! Im hangin with the Bee Nail Colony for all my needs! Thank you Ross for answering that phone late on that sunday evening!!!

One Of The Best Units On The Market

I ordered the retro stinger set with the trinity nail and when it arrived everything was there but the screw for the nail to hold the other dishes. No problem though, emailed customer service and got a quick response and they had the screw shipped to me within the week. You can't go wrong with this product, you get high quality for a fair price. (And great help if needed) Thank you Bee Nails for doing it right and hooking me up with an amazing Enail

Epilepsy Medical Patient Approved

These guys have a solid enail unit for an incredible price. For around 200 bucks you can get a solid enail unit with a lifetime warranty. As well as it coming with a replacement fuse and 2 usb ports Idk what other company can compete for that price. I have been using my unit heavily for around 5 months now and have absolutely no complaints about it, the unit works great, still within my 1 year warranty, and still have my extra fuse, i plan for this unit to last me awhile. I can't wait for their rosin press line to come out, I'm sure it will work for me just as great as the enail has (not to mention it has another enail built into the press). Working for a vendor in the medical marijuana industry in California I have come across many different brands and such and must say the only 2 brands that stand out to me are a beenail or a galaxy, these are the 2 best units hands down for the price. Have a good one.

by Pablo J on Blank Business Name
Best Customer Service

EVERYTHING about this company screams, "quality, service and passion!" I read the reviews here (btw, we are real customers), I watched videos about their products on Youtube and then I called them directly. After that, I knew I would be joining the Colony. Thank you Bee-Nails for building incredible products and THANK YOU for returning your customer's phone calls. Summary: We absolutely LOVE our Native Incycler and you will too--so go get one. Be well guys.

Amazing Product

This is a great company! Incredible, quality piece of technology. They took care of my order immediately and even threw in free gifts (It was Black Friday)! This is the best E-Nail I've used and I love the accessories: dab mat, Nail, GoBee pen.

Amazing Service and Quality!!!

Ordered this after watching many reviews and much time doing price research. I wanted the best, but realized pretty quick I didn't need to pay the highest all! I can't imagine what any other device could do better than a bee-nail. I love how the tube extending from the coil turns down, it seems to help balance the whole thing on the table, keeping the weight and stress off the rig. Great product and by all means, Best for the $

Best for the $

Couldn't complain about the wax vaporizer. It's a all around great product. You can actually taste your oil and not metal. I had some concerns and they got back to me within a couple days.

This rig is Fred Flintstoned approved

I can't say enough positive things about Bee-Nails! I have never been so happy with a purchase. Got the Alpine Stinger Set with Titanium nail and love, love it!!! Heats up fast and keeps at the temp I want. Produces amazing hits with nice flavor and clouds. Bee-Nails customer service is top notch. They are always friendly and respectful on the phone and have taken the time to answer all my questions/concerns (I've called many times lol). Great products, prices, and service!!!! 🙂 Thanks again Bee-Nails

#1 product... bee-nails you are the best..

Yabba daba doo. As Fred Flintstoned would say.

by Yvette V on Blank Business Name
Amazing product

I was very excited to receive my stinger. This product is amazing like a charm.....if it's not bee-nails it's not worth buying......good prices..good quality only the best.....don't be fooled by other cheap low quality when all u need is a bee-nails will

Amazing product

Was looking for an e nail for a while, was on youtube and saw "SashaHippie" do a reveiw on gour e nail and i was sold. Great customer service ross answered all my questions and had my order out the same day. I got the original stinger setwith quartz banger and ceramic nail set. Its a great product, easy to use and heats up fast. would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable quality e nail!

by Cameron Lord on Blank Business Name
I Mean It's Bee-Nails What's Not To Love!

I recently made a purchase and unfortunately had a problem, I reached out and got the best customer service one could ask for. Bee's Nails is amazing, I would highly recommend their products . Every item that I have received has been top notch . It's good to be part of the colony .

by Jordan Ray on Blank Business Name
Best Enail and you are SET FOR LIFE!

I bought my first e-nail after watching 2 girls 1 bong Youtube channel last year and I have been so satisfied with not only my original e-nail but now my new retro recycler. Thanks bee-nails. #JoinTheHive

Love Bee-Nails

Amazing customer service, amazing product, recommend it to anyone just starting to dab or the seasoned professional.

by Gabriela on Blank Business Name
Upstanding products, Great customer service

Overall, a great experience with this company and their products. My unit failed to turn on and they replaced it quickly. My only complaint is the coil they sent me with the new unit failed to work, so I used my old one, which eventually gave out. Had to pay to ship back the whole unit (after already troubleshooting) and I feel like I wasted money/got ripped off on shipping ): Other than that, I appreciate the fast customer service. I'm okay with paying for a new coil, just wish I didn't have to pay for shipping again as life is hard for a college student these days. Eh, could be worse. Thanks Bee-Nails.

by Hunter on Blank Business Name
Great Customer Service

Great gift for your loved one, and the customer service was fast and very helpful. Would recommend for anyone getting on a different level.

Best customer service & quality!

I was referred to Bee-Nails by a friend and the first thing he told was that their customer service was fantastic. I went ahead and ordered a setup and much to my surprise when I received my shipment it didn't include a dab tool. I called the customer service line and expected to be told that I would need to order another one. INSTEAD I was sent 3 free dab tools and a ceramic set via FEDEX!!! I work in customer service and many times situations like mine fall thru the cracks, but not with this company! Bravo guys! Awesome customer service and equipment!

Great Products! Excellent Quality! Outstanding Customer Service!

My honey highve enail from the stopped working after two months, I tried calling, emailing, and Facebook messaging the, but received no response. After doing a Google search for quality enails, I came across Bee-Nails and the rest is history. Ross answered all my questions over the phone and personally packaged my order that day. Awesome company! Wish more were like it!! Thank you!!!

by Chad F on Blank Business Name
One handed dabbing! gotta love it!

Awesome E-nails from what I have experienced and the customer service is great.

by William Stewart on Blank Business Name

Great Products! Excellent Quality! Outstanding Customer Service! This is a great company to deal with! Thanks Ali and Ross! It's a pleasure doing business with you!

by Jazmine Arenivar on Blank Business Name
Great products

I ordered Original Stinger Set for a gift and my boyfriend LOVES it! Torchless we goo is awesomeness!!! BEE NAILS is the #1 company i would recommend to buy your product once you buy you can automatically register product and you got life time warranty! also they ship out same day or next day and delivery was earlier than expected! i also forgot to order my titanium nail and i called them it took maybe 3 to 4 min for them to help me out and get me one in my order before it shipped out! A+ THANK YOU BEE NAILS I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER !

by Shawn M Malott on Blank Business Name
ery legit!!! Colorado recycler hive set (all 3 nails)

Stoked to be torch free! My unit showed up quickly, and works just as well as advertised. One happy dabber, here!

by Kenny Imbrogno on Blank Business Name

I have been super stoked waiting for my knew enail in the mail for about the past week and I have to say I am super impressed. From the quality of all the nails and especially recycler to the box itself very nice product. I was very surprised with the quality of glass of the bubbler made me very happy. I will defiantly be recommending bee nails to all of my friends and fellow tokers and I'm glad to be apart of the colony!!!

Bee knees

Literally the best e=nail on the planet.. Contacted the company locally and received amazing hospitality and customer service. As previously stated crew is very down to earth and helped me quickly get set up. Price beats anything I have seen and for what is included with the carb cap and the glass etc.. it's unbeatable. The experience of not having to torch speaks for itself with consistent heat and maximum flavor. Looking forward to using this company for all my future concentrate needs!

by Brandon and Bojana on Blank Business Name
Bee nails is the awesome got me buzzin

The Bee Nails crew give a whole new meaning to the term "bee's knees"! We contacted them on a pay day after work looking to purchase a worker bee kit. When I spoke to one of the owners he said they aren't in the office and soon to be heading out the door to Hong Kong. I thought, bummer waited till payday and now have to wait for them to be back in town. Then he replies back, that I'm welcome to meet him at their house before they leave if I can be quick and says he'll have a nail hot and a sample dab ready. This whole crew is amazing and super down to earth. Goes to show why purchasing local is the best route. They let us buy a retro kit before officially available, let us smoke some of their killer live resin, hooked us up with koozies and stickers, and some of the finest hospitality around. As for the device, we have had it for a month now. Currently using the quartz nail at 680F and still loving everything about it. Tastes so much cleaner, much less harsh, turning what used to be a dab into huge hits because the oil isn't being scorched at torch temps. This product holds up to my friend's much more expensive enails. Purchase from this company and I doubt there will be any regret. If questions are needing to be answered, it's the owner's you'll reach!

Straight up the Beez-Neez!!

I ordered the bee nail hive honeycomb bubbler set and I love it . It works great and is awesome and looks so good . My experience with bee nails has been nothing but awesome I had a few question before I ordered my set online on the holiday (4/20) and called bee nails and talk to a guy couldn't remember his name but was very helpful with my questions and and friendly to chat with so I highly recommend bee nails to every dabber out there. Well that's all for now to all out there blaze on and legalize it

by Cory Lynch on Blank Business Name
Bee-nail has me buzzin

Overall the best enail on the market! Affordable and reliable! I've had my Bee-Nail now for about 3 weeks and can't find a single complaint. Everyone that I invite over to try it out falls in love with it instantly. Not only does the lifetime warranty just about sell itself, but the convenience, simplicity, and consistency of this product are spot on. My concentrates have never tasted sweeter! Love it, love it, love it! I'm convincing all my friends that dabbing is the future and that if you decide to become a "Daily Dabber" then this Bee-Nail Is a must have! Don't even doubt it, BUY IT! Happy dabbing my friends!!

by James Lill on Blank Business Name
I love everything this company offers!

Overall, Bee-Nail offers an amazing product line, I got the original Stinger set with quartz nail and just placed another order for the titanium and ceramic nail! The staff are super knowledgeable and extremely polite, having both class and delicacy! I give them 2 thumbs up! Will definitely spread the word along to all my smoking connoisseurs! Btw, I absolutely am in love with my Bee-nail, it works great and for the price, well you can't beat it!

by Joslin Hinojosa on Blank Business Name
Maximized the efficiency of our concentrating experience

I've never seen anything like this!! Bee-Nails set me up with the efficient dabing equipment I needed, and I will definitely be showing my new recycler rig off to my friends back home. Glad to be part of the colony!!

by Chelsea Baker & Ali Clark on Blank Business Name
Just awesome

Lifetime warranty, affordable, reliable, great policy, and a great company backing it up. I called to ask about purchasing a Bee-Nail, they were moving offices so Rob generously offered to meet at their home. They were busy moving and were also about to go on a business trip out of the country but made time to see us anyway. While there they were very accommodating, friendly and easy to talk to, they let us check out their two unreleased designs and let us test a coil/nail that they set up for us when we got there. We ended up taking a classy unreleased kit, they even threw in stickers, beer cozies, and extras. (from one stoner to another, they hooked it up pretty fat) We love it, everything is quality and I'm so proud to have gotten our first enail with a local colorado company. The rig is a good starter rig for a kit, it's a recycler and if you put the exact right amount of water then it works wonders, I have used my nails directly on this rig for about 4 days and have changed them with ease. It's already maximized the efficiency of our concentrating experience and I will most certainly do business with these people again!!

Great product

I got the whole package-enail, glass, quartz nail, carbcap and silicone mat. It's all I need to get started and everything works perfectly so far! Quick shipping and lifetime warranty is nice as well. I love, love, love it! Thank you Bee Nails USA.

This Set-up is fire!

Received my bee nail, packaged nicely, speedy service and a excellent product. For the price you can't beat it. I am very happy with my purchase.

by Garrett Hankins on Blank Business Name
Worth every penny!

Extremely pleased with rig and set-up. Totally worth the purchase. Special Shout out to 2G1B for giving me 10% off of my total.

by Jonathan on Blank Business Name
Spectacular unit with even better customer service

I absolutely love my stinger set! It's so convenient and easy to use. This is definitely worth the purchase and it is also a great price for everything you get!!!

by Andrew on Blank Business Name
Worth the purchase!

I have had my Bee nail for a little over a week now and I love it more and more everyday. While purchasing i was thinking it was to good to be true to get a quality enail for under 200 dollars but this e-nail is for sure the quality I was looking for. Works amazing, heats up fast, keeps great heat, and is very simple to use. Was everything I expected plus more! Not only is this a great product but also the company behind it is 10 out of 10, amazing customer service and they had me knowing exactly what i was getting. They even threw in extra goodies that really had me loving this product even more. All my friends are already telling me that they can't wait to get their hands on their own bee- nail!

by Shelby on Blank Business Name
Awesome little unit

I've had this unit for almost 6 months and love it! Recently went to Vegas with it and left the coil -_- Emailed to company to see if they would sell just a coil to me since they don't have them on the website quite yet. I just had to buy the nail of my choice and they threw the coil in for free! What AWESOME customer service!

by Dylan Schrager on Blank Business Name
Simply the best!!!

Great product! Received a bee-nail for valentines day, I love it so much ! Does exactly what it states , heats up super fast . Only wish there was a way to let the coil turn off without turning off the entire unit ; a pause mode if you will.

by PNW High Times on Blank Business Name
Quite possibly the best E-Nail ever.

I am loving my bee-nail! It is easy to use, heats up quickly and does what it is supposed to do. There are two things that separate bee-nails from the rest of the enail crowd. First it is their lifetime warranty! You aren't going to find that anywhere else. It's that peace of mind you have knowing that if anything were to happen to it you'll have a replacement or repaired unit back quickly. Second is their customer service. I had one small hiccup with my order that wasn't anyone's fault. Bee-nails went way above and beyond to make sure I was a happy customer. The response times were unbelievable and the attention I received was beyond excellent. It doesn't take long to realize that bee-nails actually does care about their customers. If you don't get your enail from bee-nails then you are just cheating yourself!!

Great Product, Great People

The Bee-Nail is super easy to use, heats up quick, and has a usb port for charging your phone or whatever device. Conveniency and efficiency would be the best two words to sum up the nail. Customer service also replies quickly and helps you with whatever you need. Extremely satisfied with the product and the team behind it.

by John J on Blank Business Name
Great enail

So far, no complaints. Great temperature settings and heats up quick. The customer support is fast, and helpful.

Fast shipping!

Fast shipping! And when glass gets broken they have no issue replacing it! Loving my worker bee hive set!

I am completely wowed to have found this amazing product!

I had a gimido enail and this beats it by far not only in price but performance, takes a little while to heat up but once it gets there, it stays there. Great enail.

by Frank K. on Blank Business Name
Loving my worker bee hive set!

I am completely wowed to have found this amazing product! Makes vaping is so much easier and no more torch! Cool bonus is that you can charge your phone on the control box while it's plugged in.