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Traveling is one of those things that we all need to do. Some of us have the travel bug and others are just waiting to get it! I genuinely think that travel does expand the mind and will give you a better understanding of culture, life, and humanity. This being said I have never been a cautious traveller, I don’t let crime, poverty, or religion dictate where I travel. To be honest I am usually traveling to the third world, or places that friends and family beg me not to go. I am also a smoker, I prefer dabs but that is almost a deal breaker out side the USA, I have never had trouble finding that sweet flower in any of the country’s I have visited! This isn’t necessarily the safest way to go and I don’t want you to spend time in a Moroccan prison for scoring some hash! So I’m going to give you a list of great places visit with the stoner in mind!


This small country used to be a world power! At one time it had one of the most powerful navy’s in the world! Now it is a quiet country that is a bit of a mix with French, Spanish, Italian and Muslim cultures. Portugal has breathtaking southern beaches, great costal cities, and a world-class wine region!

In 2001 Portugal had enough with organized crime and unlawful drug penalties, they decided to decriminalize almost every drug, in an effort to take the money from organized crime. Did it work? You bet your ass it did! Portugal has had a dramatic loss in organized crime (especially the illegal drug market). There has also been a dramatic change in addiction rates of actual drugs like heroine! These steps have made a very cool country even better! The southern beaches near Faro would make the Greeks cry with envy, and the culture and food of Lisbon would make any foodie weep after spending so much time and money in France! If you are looking to take a European holiday you couldn’t do better, and you went to Portugal, not England, France or Italy, like all the other lemmings!


Are you ready for all of your senses to be overwhelmed?! This country will leave you spinning! If you have never experienced this side of the world or its culture, it may be a little overwhelming but take after a day or two to get used to the sights and sounds and it is totally worth it! Bangladesh is a mix of India, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. With all of these cultures it makes for a really fun eating and shopping experience. Not to mention one of the most beautiful and varied landscapes on earth.

There have never been laws in Bangladesh that make marihuana or opium illegal. You will find that it is very out in the open. Still it is not recommended to walk the streets smoking a blunt. There are many cultures within one block and it is never cool to offend anyone. This country isn’t for first time travelers there are multiple languages which will be confusing and this country doesn’t get a lot of tourism so be prepared to be followed around a little and asked a lot of questions. If this still sounds good there are many world heritage sites like Paharpur Rajshahi and beautiful beaches like the one on Martins Island. Bengal, oh yea and did I forget the Bengal Tiger, take an expedition to Sundarban national park and see them for your self!


This rugged and beautiful country is an adventures dream. Skiing, hiking, hang gliding, parasailing, spelunking, and glacial exploration just to name a few can all be had in this extreme country! Boasting Easter Island and some of the driest desserts in the world and also containing many glaciers Chile is a land of extremes, it also contains some of the oldest and unique Spanish cities in South America. It’s not just extreme sports that bring people here, did some one say 5 star food and wine! If you haven’t heard of Chilean wine and beef you are in for a surprise! There wine has been winning awards for years and let’s face it this a cowboy country and they know there steak!

In 2005 Chile was fed up with its full jails and policies it had to follow from the 1980 drug laws the USA had set. Even though some states in the U.S. had been come medical or recreational we were still demanding other countries to follow the rules from the Reagan administration. This hasn’t worked and Chile among many south, and Central American countries is moving forward with legal cannabis legalization. Chilean law is very similar to California or Colorado’s pot laws now!


This fantastic and fun island has been the start of many famous and cultural, people, places and ideas! The birth place of reggae, and also for an un known author named Ian Fleming who may have written a book or two you might know with a famous lead man…what was his name, oh yes James Bond! Not only is this Bob Marley’s home but also offers some of the beast beaches in the world, amazingly friendly people, and outstanding street food!

I know that this is everyone’s first thought for a pot Holliday but until 2015 pot was illegal! Actually Jamaica was the most likely place to be arrested for smoking pot on vacation until 2015 (cops loved busting tourists for cash). Now Jamaica has embarrassed its Ganga roots and has come full circle with its pot laws! “Enjoy a spliff on da beach mon” there is nothing holding this great country back from its future in pot tourism!


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