• Native Incycler

    Native Incycler

    The Bee-Nails Native Incycler is hand blown by the Bee-Nails Glass Department, L.I.P. Studios, in Denver, Colorado! Enjoy this custom design with over 100 holes of percolation and double uptake combined with an 18mm ground joint to keep the air flow unrestricted.

  • Barrel Recycler

    Barrel Recycler

    The Bee-Nails Barrel Recycler is made in sunny San Diego California! Boasting a criss cross in-line Perc, that has great aesthetics while not sacrificing performance. The spinning turbine chamber might be the coolest feature, giving a hang time that any surfer would envy!

  • Honeycomb Recycler

    Honeycomb Recycler

    Our Bee-Nails Honeycomb Recycler has two methods of filtration: the first process is the Honeycomb percolator as it defuses more air than any other method and the second is the recycling action.

  • Turbine Honeycomb Bubbler

    Turbine Honeycomb Bubbler

    This Turbine Honeycomb Bubbler packs a big punch despite its short stature of only 8inches. Our Bee-Nails Turbine Honeycomb design offers maximum airflow for thick, milky rips. The sidecar design makes it more compact with a thick, wide base for extra stability. This bubbler fits perfectly with our ceramic, titanium, and quartz nails!