State’s Of Mind

With all the hoopla going on with the upcoming election I think we all need to take a step back and look at how far we have come. It wasn’t so long ago when we were still afraid to acquire, smoke and drive with our favorite flower, and in some states it is still a reality! Just a couple weeks ago we were on a business trip in Ga. And after a couple drinks we went with a friend for a “ride”, it was truly terrifying, we were in a state that could throw down hefty penalties just for being in the car! After the “drive was done we all joked about how scary that was and couldn’t wait to get back on the plane to Co! These next years are going to be interesting and it will be up to us to make our own future.


This is going to happen at some point in the future, but how do you think it will go down? I am hoping it will become legal much the same as gay marriage, the fed gov is going to get sick of every state doing its own thing and will just throw its hands in the air and say enough, just make it legal lol. I really don’t think it is going to be to far off as long as other states feel the pressure from citizens and the amount of tax revenue they are missing out on. The other popular opinion around the office seems to be the one state at a time deciding for themselves. This I think will cause more trouble than good and a rift between legal and non legal states. There are already lawsuits from non legal states suing Colorado because they have to have more officers on the Co boarder busting people bring pot over. Personally I don’t get why they are losing money paying extra law enforcement, jails, meals and lawyers if they just went legal they wouldn’t have to deal with any of that and could enjoy extra tax money for there schools. The biggest problem I see is the south (we’re I’m from), being from the south I know how stubborn people can be and how big social society is involved there. I know a lot of prominent people that smoke in my home town but they would never admit that in public much less vote on it. Souther hospitality is a real thing but southern gossip is far more real and can really hurt people in there community, so it keeps things quiet and proper just like they like it.

Big Pharmaceutical:

Or Big Pharma as it is lovingly called by its nay sayers. Big Pharma is something that is truly scary. They have more money and power than most countries and are cannabises biggest opponent. It makes more sense for them to study and benefit from cannabis than anyone else. They could have revolutionized there industry and ours at the same time, but they have been fighting it from the beginning. They know the benefits and are afraid of losing there investments in opiates and other highly addictive drugs that make them millions every month.

For decades the pharmaceutical industry has poured millions into the pockets of corrupt states and politicians as they lobby to keep cannabis illegal. A new study from the University of Georgia shows exactly why all that money was spent. Legal marijuana destroys big pharma’s profits!

The study examines the costs of Medicare’s prescription drug benefit program in 2012, a year when only 17 states and the District of Columbia had legalized medicinal marijuana. They found that legal pot contributed to a savings of $165.2 million in medical prescription costs . Researchers at UGA used those number to determine a savings in the hundreds of millions if all states would legalize medical cannabis! So if medical cannabis was as readily available as Prozac you could imagine the impact it would have on Big Pharma!

The future:

All in all I think we have a very bright future in this great country, we have moved leaps and bounds recently and I think we will progress even faster in the months, and years to come. Staying positive and using your best judgment and vote will always make a big difference. Most people in this country are in there 40’s or younger and they all know they that cannabis isn’t as harmful as they were led to believe as kids so, don’t be persuaded by the loudest voice in the room and instead listen to yours, it’s usually right!


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