About Bee-Nails

What is Bee-Nails?

Bee-Nails is the Colorado Company that puts its people before its profits. Our vaporizer and extraction products lead the industry because of you, the Colony! We continuously innovate our designs for our Enails, Vaporizers, Wax Pens, Dab Rigs, and Rosin Presses primarily based on Colony feedback.

What is the Colony?

The Bee-Nails Colony is made up of our customers and our subscribers to our social media platforms. You are our Colony, our family. Listening and taking action on Colony feedback enables us to offer the best products in the industry at the lowest price. Have questions or concerns? Call 844-Bee-Nail and ask to speak to one of our owners. Email info@bee-nails.com and receive a reply within 24 business hours guaranteed. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch in depth product videos on every single product at Bee-Nails.com. The Colony truly comes first at Bee-Nails.

Our Core Passion: Kaizen the Colony!

The Japanese word Kaizen simply means, “Change for the better.” When Bee-Nails first opened we could not get passionate about JUST making premium products, we needed to be doing more for the world. We started by donating to and volunteering with local charities and beekeepers such as the National MS foundation and Colorado Beekeeper’s Association. Next, we started educating people about the benefits of cannabis and challenging people to tell us how medicating was making their lifestyle Kaizen. Now, we have our own educational programs where we can Kaizen the world one day at a time. One of our favorites is our flower seed program where we include a pack of flower seeds that are the best pollinators for bees in every Bee-Nails package. Save the bees! When you become a member of the Colony, you are not just a customer, but a vital part of our movement.

Bee-Nails advocates saving the bees, educating the Colony, and having tolerance and love for all. Don’t BEE hating on anything or anyone, Kaizen every day!

If you need more information please contact us at 844-Bee-Nail, checkout our YouTube channel, visit our FAQ page, or email us at info@bee-nails.com


Worker Bee-Nail

The powerful worker bee unit with USB capability and a one year free warranty comes stand-alone and is recommended for the experienced electric nail user who owns compatible 18mm nails of their own to fit over the 20mm coil.

Stinger Set

The perfect set-up for the occasional dabber that already has their own (glass) for essential oils and extracts. The Stinger Set comes with your choice of a Ti, Quartz, or Ceramic Nail & Carb Cap set as well as your Bee-Nails silicon mat and container.

Hive Sets

Our Hive Sets are perfect for the beginner or for the person who just wants a new unbelievable setup. Our Hive Sets give you absolutely everything you need to dab like a Queen Bee even if you are a beginner. Enjoy our Honeycomb Turbine Bubbler for thick milky rips or upgrade to our Honeycomb Recycler if you just need to have the biggest and the best


We donate to charities and local organizations with our revenue. At Bee-Nails, we realize how important bees are to the U.S. economy and this is why they are an integral part of our company. We continuously support good causes in the community like CSBA (For the BEES!) and hope to continue donating to organizations that benefit mankind.

Colorado State Beekeepers Association
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
Muscular Dystrophy Association
Habitats for Humanity
Doctor’s Without Borders
National Multiple Sclerosis Society